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About us

    What you see here is the result of my lifes work. I have roamed all of china buying parent plants to create what I feel is one of Chinas hidden treasures, my love and joy, my collection.
    All the plants shown here were either grown by myself in my 200 meter greenhouse, and some my best clivia friends and partner. My Partner and I are finally able to share our love for these gorgeous plants with you, our fellow clivia enthusiasts!
    I carry as many of the top Chinese breeds ,have Short Leaf、variegation、Malian、Roundtip、oil miller、LOB、sparrow、Daruma、Engineer、painted face、Great Victory……As well as the new hybrid variety.
Cultivates top breed is my dream.
    Meanwhile, a bigger harvest is I had many great friends by the clivia. They from all corners of the country and all of the world. This is my life great wealth---- This is cliviads takes our real sense precisely.
And chinese clivia is the best variety, Has achieved highest boundary of clivia, it is Already universally accepted. I am pride that I am the one lover and grower.
    Clivias not only a wonderful gifts but become an everlasting treasure. They offering not only spectacular flowers but also interesting variation in both leaf variegation、Splendid vein、kinds leaf style ,fan shape, And so on.also has very deep humanities characteristic.
    Ancient Chinese:It is a great delight when friends come from faraway.
    My Proverb:The pleasure of growing clivia is the life pleasure.
    Contact us:
    Li Qiang to advertising )
    Mobile:+86-133 2783 5758(message only)