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About Privacy
You must supply us with your Name, Country, Address (postal) and mobile phone number. Please make sure that all the details are accurate and clear.
All your details will be kept strictly confidential.


Seeds  Conditions
About Order
All seeds will be available from the end of October to next spring.Pre-orders ahead of harvesting is allowed.


Seeds Phytosanitary Certificates
*For small numbers it is usually not required.
*If a Phytosanitary Certificates is necessary to import seeds to your country, please send us the required documents. This is usually only necessary for large consignments.
*Please add 50USD to your order if you require a Phytosanitary Certificate. If your order amounts to more than 500 USD, we will cover the Phytosanitary Certificate expenses.


About Seeds Shipping
Postage by Aviation (air mail) packet: $6USD.
If you want be sent through EMS express service, Please check the EMS price links.(The amount behalf of RMB,US dollar conversion: Divides 6.00)
Before packing, we will disinfect the seeds, and sterilize it. Special care is taken to avoid any damage to the seeds.
Once the seed have been dispatched by post, we will not take responsibility for misplaced or lost packages, or packages damaged by postal couriers.


Important note: About growing clivia from seed
All clivia lovers know these phenomena: The descendants (progeny) are not necessarily the same as the parent plant. Some may be similar to the parent plants, some might be better, and some worse.
Variegatied seeds may yield green leaf plants and albino (white leaf) seedlings that won’t survive.


Plant  Conditions
About Plant Orders
Minimum order:$200USD excluding postage and packaging.
The plant we advertise is the plant you will receive. That is our promise.
We are professional and experienced in packing plants, making sure they are protected from damage.


Plants Phytosanitary Certificates
Please send us a copy of the Import license for importing plants. It is necessary for exporting plants.
Without this documentation, plants are likely to be confiscated at customs, and you will have to suffer this loss.
The cost for a Phytosanitary Certificate is 35.00USD.


About Plant Shipping
*Plants will be sent by using EMS or TNT, 7-10 days arrival. This way is safe and quick!
*Shipping cost:first 500g is 25USD, add 8USD for each follow 500g by EMS EXPRESS.
*Once the plants have been dispatched by post, we will not take responsibility for misplaced plants, or any damaged done by improper transit handling.

About Discount
Discount is available for orders over 300USD
5% for over 300USD.
10% for over 500USD.
15% for over 1000USD.
Bonus plants and seeds are always included in transactions.


About Payment our paypal bank transfer, please add an extra US$12 as a handling charge for receiving the money.
*Bank Name:Bank of China
*Bank Account Name:LI QIANG
Please note that I cannot accept any cheque/check or bank draft.