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How to distinguishes the quality of chinese clivia
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This post is I translated a series of targets which the Chinese clivia association appraises uses when need. For example Changchun clivia display,Shenyang clivia display-------

Fo Chinese cliva,Divides into 3 various scales, 6 various grade
3 various scales:high-quality, middle-quality, Low-quality
6 various grade:
Zhen Pin = super quality, over 90 points (The perfect score is 100 points);
 Jing Pin = top quality,80-89 points;
Jia Pin = high quality,70-79 points;
Liang Pin = good quality,60-69 points;
Yong Pin = average quality,50-59 points;
Lie Pin  = poor quality,under 50 points.
*some Chinese article also enumerates 7 grade,think a plant over 50 points,can be called liangpin=good quality. but I think 6 grade is enough.
* About the Chinese and English correspondence, I once suspected that my translation is whether precise,so I consults a beautiful girl who has studied abroad for four years in UK. I understood that her English proficiency, she very understood English culture. I have also suspected her level, but passes through tests many times, I can not but acknowledge that she indeed is skilled in English and English culture. She praises my translation to be precise

We judge a clivia plant grade, has ten standards (The perfect score is 100 points):
1.leaf veins,         20 points(have 4 grade,best good is the vein very thick,very bulge, The crosswise vein spacing is big)
2.leaf hardness       15 points(have 4 grade,)
3. leaf Brightness     10 points(have 5 grade)
4. leaf Exquisiteness  10 points(have 5 grade)
5. plant shape        10 points(have 4 grade)
6. leaf thickness      7 points(have 5 grade,best good grade is thick over 1.60mm)
7. leaf Top           7 points(have 5 grade,best good is round-tip)
8.Plant Base         7 points(have 6 grade,best good base like the chinese ancient timess gold coin)
9. leaf lonth:leaf width  7 points(have 5 grade,best good is 3:1,then 4:1----)
10.leaf color          7 points
 For a green leaf plant, have 4 grade,best good is yellow coloe leaf.
 For a VAR leaf plant, have 4 grade too,best good is jade-white&Dark green variegation.
*for the above,we can watch the vein component is very important. But we cannot draw conclusions from a part. If the vein moves toward chaotically, ataxia, The crosswise veins spacing is small, when appraising, it will very difficult to win the gold medal. Only if its flower is yellow or other special color.
Moreover ,I also believed that our standard will change unceasingly.

My few topic over-formal :
1. Translation rights and interests for myself all, refuses the reprint. if reprints, please tell me,lol.
2.since I study grow clivia, I first keep firmly in mind these ten standards. And weighs a plant points by them. best good clivia friend and best big clivia business partner(just win a golden medal in 2009 shenyang clivia display by his famous engineer shortleaf plant) talk to me before.he said : To the foreign clivialover, Accepts and distinguishes the Chinese clivia quality is not an easy matter,even to many Chinese clivialover and grower also frequently muddled.
4.when I collect chines quality seeds (above good quality or some special breed)for sale, I demand all the information and the picture, and Let him make mark in the seedball those on the plant,then send me the seedball. And also wins his approval to use those material.for the long-term, very honest collaborator, I not do this and only need told him what quality seed I wanna. The good faith is the first important attribute I chooses the collection seeds object, Once feels incorrectly, I will turn around leave.