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how to purchas sparrow
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How to distinguishes chinese clivia(3)
----how to purchas sparrow

in china,we all know sparrow clivia come from shenyang.the first grower had already passed away(sorry forget his name now.)but i get to know his successor and the Successor,s friend month ago.
I have studied some sparrow~s knowledge from their:
1/ a pure sparrow,must have a Incisive leaf tip,like the Beak of a sparrow;
   if the tip not incisive,it maybe a henglan X sparrow plant,maybe a daruma X sparrow plant. 95% sparrow palnt are not pure sprrow now in market,but only hybrid plant.
2/ once the sparrow plant had blooming one time,will stop growth,will stop growth new leaf.We called this kind of phenomenon is "da dong" .
The reproduction main dependence evil bud.when purchas,please not forget ask the plant if or not blooming.
3/ when we use a LOB sparrow pollen on a Daruma LOB,we maybe can get four kind plant.
  *dwarf sparrow LOB (Descendant nearly close male parent plant,the sparrow hereditary potence is formidable)
  * QueHouZi LOB(Que=Sparrow,HouZi means=Monkey),leaf has Incisive tip,but the width:longth over 2:1,leaf still more longer.
  * dwaf LOB,Leaf with no Incisive tip,Although it has sparrows gene,but you can not call it is a dwarf sparrow LOB.Otherwise, can only explain that place above business does not understand,or the seller Intentionally deceit buyer .
  * LOB,mor like pod plant.