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Q&A---about grow seed and plant
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Q: How to grow clivia seeds?
1.Soak seeds 6-12 hours in hydrogen peroxide solution,or weak chlorine bleach solution,or germination-promoting solution.Sterilize germinating medium by microwaving.Place seeds on sterile germination medium. then dry in the shadows;
2.Remove the seeds skin of bud Eye side will more helpful for germination;
3.Cover seeds about 7-10mm deep, then water.Keep medium moist, do not dig in medium to observe germination.The soil sterilization, disinfection, must good air permeability;
4.Temperature: 15-28 degrees Celsius;
Note:water very importment.first water need enough.then water one time about 10 days.also can misting with water on the soil surface each 3 not accept sunlight directly.
Hope this little help.

Q: Can I store clivia seeds?
A: Yes. Place seeds in a sealed plastic bag and filling toilet paper toghter with seeds in order to keep seeds dry, and place in refrigerator at 2-5 degrees C. They will stay viable for half a year or more.

Q:  How do I plant my newly arrived clivia plant or seedling?
A:  In moist, loose, well-ventilated medium.  Then, water until clear water pours from the drain hole.  Keep out of bright sun for 7-10 days.then accept sunlight normal.

Q:  Are there any seasonal tips?
A:  Yes.  Spring: avoid cold breezes.  Summer: avoid direct sunlight.  Autumn: protect plants from rain and splashing water.  Winter: avoid cold temperatures and drying out.