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July 2012,ChangChun clivia trip--Mr.Wang DianChun and his plant
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Mr.Wang and his Chinese-yellow clivia

Mr.Wang live in ChangChun city.he had growed clivia about 30 years be a farmer. at about 2000 years.Mr.Wang get his chinese yellow clivia. That was a accidental, That is a Gods gift……
Since,Mr.Wang had growed so much more clvias for sale.but there have 50,000 people grow clivia in Changchun. The competition is intense.Mr.Wang saled his clivia extremely few. He goes bankrupt nearly and Disappointed for grow clivia. He manages his greenhouse no longer. Whatever the clivia run its own course.
But one day .Mr.Wang′s wife told to him:“Go to our greenhouse for a look,there have a yeloow flower.”
Mr.Wang did not know why the clvia bloom yeloow.but the yeloow given him the new hope.
For the follow years ,Mr.Wang cultivated the Chinese yellow.And more and more foreign clivia nuts had know his name.

About the group of Mr Wangs yellows?
His first yellow plant find 12 years ago,now the fourth generation has blossom.But all is the inbreeding coefficient, yield is very low.the offerspring 100% are green base(none pegment)------then,can well call Mr.Wangs yellow belong to Group1? ;But some foreign clivia lover also find that,diffrent Wangs plant maybe also belong G2.this need more time test.

What is the difference between 天賜 and Gold Tripod?
天賜,can translate to "From God", call his all yellow plant all "From God".include golden-tripod,and golden Crown.golden-tripod not named by the flower but by the leaf.on some old leaf top there will has few golden side,in china we call this kind leaf top is "golden tripod".golden Crown is named by pure yellow flower just.

What is Guo Lan yellow?
This is a larger concept than "From God".Guo Lan= chinese type minitia.
include shortleaf,roundtip,engineer,oil-miller,monk,great victory,and now more new offerspring between all of them cross.
if it is a chinese oil-miller SL yellow plant,you can call it GuoLan yellow,But this is too general,I will more like call it chinese oil-miller SL yellow.or CN monk yellow,or CN Engineer SL cream yellow,ect.