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Six fundation cultivation of Chinese clivia--04 Engineer
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By the conclusion from some old clivia grower,The six fundation cultivations evolutional sequence is:

The three original varieties:
1、Great Victory
3、Ran Chang

Hybridization, improved varieties
4、Engineer/Oil-miller(Great Victory x Monk)
5、Round Tip圆头(Monk X Rang Chang)
6、Old Short Leaf(Little Great Victory x Ran Chang)

With the six original varieties, then have rich chinese clivia form now.

short leaf,round tip,Is according to leaf blades characteristic naming.
oil-millor come from a grower who is a oil-millor.
The Great Victory come from one park which name is victory park of ChnagChun city.
Between them hybridizes mutually, then has presents more chinese style.

what means "Enjineer"(also translated Yellow-Artficer)? this only has translated growers name directly--- "Huang YongNian". in chinese,huang=yellow.and Huang YongNian is an engineer,then we call this style Engineer too.

Before,some renowned growers summarized its characteristic ,but now,many has sense of responsibility grower did not dare to discuss the variety easily,because the hybrid too much and longe time.but i still like talk about few mainly charcteristic of these cultivia that Obtains the recognition------
engineer is a imporment mother plant for paintedface plant.a very papuler breed in china now. The leaf tip is incisive.The leaf base, nearby two grows inward---this can make the leaf keep upright well like Swampy or other breed.the colour of leaf is lighter.and maybe can get dark greein vens& yellow foundation leaf balde.The longitudinal vein assumes the trapezoid (please watch the picture that i planed).The spacing is big for crosswise veins and anomalous

Old Oil-Miller