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Six fundation cultiva of Chinese Clivia---05 RoundTip
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By the conclusion from some old clivia grower,The six fundation cultivations evolutional sequence is:

The three original varieties:
1、Great Victory
3、Ran Chang

Hybridization, improved varieties
4、Engineer/Oil-miller(Great Victory x Monk)
5、Round Tip(Monk X Rang Chang)
6、Old Short Leaf(Little Great Victory x Ran Chang)

With the six original varieties, then have rich chinese clivia form now.

short leaf,round tip,Is according to leaf blades characteristic naming.
oil-millor come from a grower who is a oil-millor.
victory come from one park which name is victory park.
yellow artficer also called engineer from a grower who is an engineer.
Between them hybridizes mutually, then has presents more chinese style.

The RoundTip style is not long after popular in chinese clivialover(about1985-2000).but now,This type declined Stemming from business objective for many grower.why,because after about 1980,japanese(daruma) gens begina hybrid with chinese clivia,then the roundtip,broad,shortleaf style very popular for about 20 years long.untile now still popular in clivia-begin-lover or out of chinese clivia nut.but,when many clivialover find the Shortcoming of daruma opposite in the Chinese plant,Everything has the round tip gene plant all will encounter the repel.Because on the one hand the plant possibly includes daruma gene,On the other hand stems from the business objective----for sell his plant well---even his plant has obvious roundtip characteristic,He will also evade the subject. lol,but so much plant all has roundtip characteristic now.