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Six fundation cultiva of Chinese Clivia---01 Great Victory
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By the conclusion from some old clivia grower,The six fundation cultivations evolutional sequence is:

The three original varieties:
1、Great Victory
3、Ran Chang

Hybridization, improved varieties
4、Engineer/Oil-miller(Great Victory x Monk)
5、Round Tip(Monk X Rang Chang)
6、Old Short Leaf(Little Great Victory x Ran Chang)

With the six original varieties, then have rich chinese clivia form now.


Large style.leaf lonth always can get 600mm,width 60-100mm.leaf always upright,thick hard,compact base.penicel long and flower large,mainly red flower.gens stable.
also have second victory,small victory style too.
hybrid style mainly has: engineer victory.victory short leaf.