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Six fundation cultiva of Chinese Clivia-06 short leaf
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Six fundation cultivation of Chinese clivia--04 Engineer

for chinese clivia,there have 6 fundation cultivation: monk,short leaf,round tip,Engineer/oil-millor.Great Victory,Ran Chang.

By the conclusion from some old clivia grower,The six fundation cultivations evolutional sequence is:

The three original varieties:
1、Great Victory
3、Ran Chang

Hybridization, improved varieties
4、Engineer/Oil-miller(Great Victory x Monk)
5、Round Tip(Monk X Rang Chang)
6、Old Short Leaf(Little Great Victory x Ran Chang)

With the six original varieties, then have rich chinese clivia form now.

No plants no shortleaf gens now for chinese plant-------Catch word in chine clivia lover;)
The short leafs development has experienced two big stages:old short leaf,new short leaf.
now,old short leaf had not sees always,only some changchun growers still grow some.this cultivation come from little victory X monk.the chief feature is good exquisiteness,upright;the leaf still longer,not very good vens.
The new faction short leaf has popular long time.longth:with alwys 3:1,the vens of spacing crosswise small.for a top quality short leaf plant must had many outstanding features: leaf should broad,roundtip,short;The vein is prominent,fan shape,Leaf blade should brightness,exquisiteness,hard.and,flower shold large and bright,The pedicel is high------These standards suit appraisal to possess all Chinese plant nearly.

nine style of chinese new short leaf variety,later I will show thier each picture:
(1) oilmiller shortleaf油匠短叶.
(2) new shortleaf新短叶.
(3) shortleaf roundtip短叶圆头.
(4) roundtip shortleaf圆头短叶
(5) engineer shortleaf 技师短叶.
(6) yellow shortleaf黄短叶(shortleaf X engineer)X shortleaf.
(7) upright shortleaf直板短叶---seclect from shortleaf. 
(8) mini shortleaf 微型短叶 seclect from (shortleaf X other shortleaf breed)
(9) paintedface short 花脸短叶

And the follow picture is two kinds of OLD SHOERT LEAF VARIETY which name Bai JinLong SL and Sun LianDi SL.

Bai JinLong SL1

Bai JinLong SL2

Old SL