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Six fundation cultiva of Chinese Clivia-02 RanChang
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for chinese clivia,there have 6 fundation cultivation: monk,short leaf,round tip,Engineer/oil-millor.Great Victory,Ran Chang.

By the conclusion from some old clivia grower,The six fundation cultivations evolutional sequence is:

The three original varieties:
1、Great Victory
3、Ran Chang

Hybridization, improved varieties
4、Engineer/Oil-miller(Great Victory x Monk)
5、Round Tip(Monk X Rang Chang)
6、Old Short Leaf(Little Great Victory x Ran Chang)

With the six original varieties, then have rich chinese clivia form now.

Because this varietys bad leaf type,this RanChang variety has been sifted out by chinese clivia grower and lover.