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Eight Chinese new Short-Leaf variety-08 YellowLeaf SL
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This kind plant seclected from (shortleaf X engineer)X shortleaf

What is chinese yellowleaf shortleaf

Origin: chinese short leaf cultivia X engineer---seclect out yellow  leaf type, then backcross shortleaf. then get yellow shortleaf cultivia.
we also called them "HuangTiLan"=Corpus luteum clivia(sorry do not confirm the translate if or not correct).

Mainly Character: leaf longth 300-400mm,width 70-90mm.leaf colour always light yellow(or said light green),coarse vein,has convex granular vein on the top of leaf.leaf always harder,Exquisite and sleek.

False yellow shortleaf: every ture chinese clivia lover will like get one quality this plant.but always much more grower and seller sell false yellow shortleaf by fair means or foul.I have already bought at least 10 plant,but 8 is false yellow leaf the seller picture,his plant lookd very yellow,but when i grow it 3 months,the leaf change green,even dark any yeloow colour againe.the seeler would always like said that the reason is my grow work does not reach the designated position? but what is their grow work:never fertilization, very few ventilation,very few sunshine,then the root not health,then leaf change yellow.because it is a ill plant,then leaf change yellow.
Im too lazy spoke to suck seller againe forever.
Then you do not trust yellow leaf plant easily,Unless you have a choice of experience. I believ i had learnd the choice experience after ha made lots of expensive tuition.

ture yellow leaf plant: always can look light yellow colour on the leaf,some not very yellow but more green colour.root must health,leaf looks health too.please watch the show picture.

Grow yellow leaf is diffcult but if you take care it,you will sucessful .
1/for a ture yellow plant,for keep the yellow,shoud accept more sunlight.but can not too much,can not be hurt by sun.
2/The nitrogen phosphorus potassiums proportion is 1:3:5 ,elements and so on calcium magnesium zinc copper may increase much, must depend on own comprehension.

*Reaffirm:yellow artficer not means yellow leaf type.This is only for its Chinese name of direct translation.because the origin breeder chinese name is Huang YongNian, "Huang"=Yellow and Huang YongNian identity is a artificer.also translate engineer.
the yellow artficer is parent plant of yellow shortleaf.then,its descendant plant always has yellow leaf, or paintedface type.