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How to distinguish the pure Chinese seedling quality
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Has many factors, I only give an example by my one artificer seedling and two shortleaf breed seddling in the follow picture.
first leaf or two leaf looks Ordinary,even looks bad-------thin,soft. but the third,or the fifth leaf will good------hard,smooth,good veins ect.
If the first leaf is upright,veins is obvious, or the leaf top veins Crowded ,you must can get a good,high even top quality plant.
If the first leaf look broad,short,roundtip,looks like a Ping-Pong paddle and looks very lovely.the seedling must a hybrid with daruma.(many many Chinese grower Thought that is ashamed, does not have dignity matter if his plant Has daruma gene). But, the clivia hybrids phenomenon already  common in fact,many famous plant all hybrid,for example Pearl king of MR.Cui changgui who from shenyang.fengguan of MR. guo fengyi who from Changchun. Judges a plant fit and unfit quality by whether to hybrid daruma not to have the significance more and more..
But the different is:A pure Chinese plant,when her mature,she will More and more enchanting in some years. A hybrid daruma plant,once blooming and keep flowers for harvest seeds,her build will change, will become ugly more nad more------No longer has the appreciation value but only as parent plant.
The follow artificer seedling,when I get it only two leaf,very poor and I almost Discarded it.but when the third leaf grow up,I find her do a very pure Chinese artficer plant. The leaf blade willow tree leaf, likely incisive. Leaf veins chang good and harder. I rejoiced that I have not gotten rid of it.
The two little seedling, first leaf is upright,veins is obvious, or the leaf top veins Crowded , I will be confident to their future.