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How to distinguishes chinese clivia---ShangPinLan
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what means "ShangPinLan" ?
    * grow seed of everage,good quality,sell the seedling and plant Face general flowers and plants amateur but not only clivia lover.some plant maybe from high,top quality pod clivias,but them can not get high or top quality,Also will be screened the "ShangPinLan" troop.
     but,the clivia lover still can seclect some good and interest plant from their.or from grow those seed. 
    * seed from "ShangPinLan",means Impossible is the sole variety,Impossible is monk,Impossible is roundtip,Impossible is monk daruma hybrid plant,Impossible is lonly engineer daruma hybrid plant too.But is many variety set combinations.For example the seed i am seling in the forum from mr.Hu ZenYu(his father name is Hu NaiChun) from dandong city of liaoning pro.he post and sale his "ShangPinLan" seeds on concrete page is unable to enter now ,but Was clear indicates "ShangPinLan" in his post.
    * in china,once you begine to grow clivia,the first two words is "ShangPinLan" and "JingPinLan", any begin grower,any Large-scale grower,and seller,all will know the two words at the first time once he Does related matter with cliva.It is simply not the strange character.

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