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The outside of my grow area
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My new grow area in a large park which Specially designed to collect all kinds of plants.there has one large glass green house about 1000 Square meters---my  plant is just one part of the space now.
Will wellcome worldwild clivia friend visit has clean hotel,can fishing in weekend,little hill,many kinds flower and will a happy thing While walking side ornamental rare flowers &grasses musical group chatting in the park.
so nice many of here mumber like these flower.but sorry i am not put in words in first post.these plant not bleong to me .my friend responsible for the management of these flowers,i am only responsible manage grow clivia.He is a horticulture specialist and my clivia plant has become a part of his greenhous and inheritance.we will do clivia business toghter too.just that it is:) i am also only will like grow clivia but no energy to play other plant.but i love all of them.